My Portfolio (Updated Weekly)

AMCO (9) – Metals Holding company, Scrap metal recycling. Bought at 0.28/share.

RBPAA (5) – Bank Holdings Company. Bought at 2.22/share.

APDN (3) – New Tech, DNA Based Security tools (unique marking/tracing tech). Bought at 3.05/share

FBIO (1) – Develops treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer. Bought at 3.00/share

SNSS (3) – Develops Cancer drugs. Bought at 0.96/share

HEB (10) – Immune system based therapies. Bought at 0.12/share.

CGNT () – Design/Manufacture urology medical equipment. Bought at 2.66/share.

WILN (4) – Develops Wireless network tech. and liscences products. Bought at 1.07/share. Moderate dividends.

CIG (5) – Renewable energy company based in Brazil. Bought at 1.58/share. (High Dividends).

AUO (1) – Develops LCD technology with display and solar segments. Bought at 2.60/share. Small dividends.

ENG (1) – Engineering/Automation of energy sector tools/equipment. Bought at 1.12/share.

RGSE (5) – Residential Solar company, complete installation. Bought at 0.66/share.

UMC (1) – Semiconductor foundry. Bought at 1.81/share. Small Dividends.

RUN (2) – Installation and leasing of solar installation for residential customers.  Bought at 10.54/share.