My name is Ben and I want to make the stock market easy to follow for you. Here is will share everything I know, all of the tools I use, and some useful examples that you can use for your own interests.

My Degree is in Social Sciences (with a minor in Biology) I also have an associates in Intelligence Studies, but I really consider myself to be a Jack of All Trades. My real skill is research, I do a lot of it. I research topics from any field I find interesting which ends up being quite a bit. And recently this has drawn me to the stock market and the Robinhood trading app.

This blog and everything I say here is all based on my own experience and understanding of the research that I have done, so I may be completely wrong (I mean, I hope I am at least pretty close) and if you think I am, I would love to hear about it in the comments. All input is a chance to learn and I never miss an opportunity like that.



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