A Working Model

This is a project I am working on that is still in its early stages, eventually I want to make it into an App. Here is a sneak peak at what it does in Excel. The idea is to balace the distribution of funds to enhance diversity, but also to place a higher value on dividend returns. This is a really simple working model that does not include risk yet, more is definitely to come. Feel free to shar this and modify it in anyway. It would be cool if you would cite me if you reuse the work, but I’m no copyright lawyer and have don’t plan on becoming one. With no further rambling, this is version 1 portfolio optimizer.

Download from Google Docs:


On the bottom left you can set your budget, the Value adjusts automatically. If you set the budget very high, expect to watch every iteration. You can plug in all of your own stocks of interest as long as they fill the same cells. I hope this all makes sense.


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