Why Bernie Sanders Getting Elected would be Great for my Portfolio

Bernie Can Win.

Bernie Sanders can get elected, he currently is doing better than Obama was in 2008, so I am just getting that out the way now. That being said, not many people in the market are taking his campaign seriously meaning if he does win, the smart investor has much to gain from prepping their portfolio now.

Solar & Renewable Energy

Bernie Sanders has a very aggressive climate change proposal on the table, and while many may not take it that seriously the international community sure does. COP 21 was not too long ago and climate change is in the air meaning this policy may see some popularity in the coming years and I don’t want to be kicking myself when solar really does make significant gains.

One company SunRun is going through some big expansion right now, and they stand to be the “Apple” of consumer solar panels. While oil and coal were most efficient in centralized factories there are many energy and defense analysts who say that a decentralized solar energy grid would be safer against attacks and more stable during natural disaster. Given the interest of policy makers to ensure safety for the american people it is no wonder they emphasize the installation of solar panels on private homes. Size is an important factor too, the bigger the up front investment the larger the gains, right now is a great time to dive into the market and establish a community base for these companies and it looks like that is exactly what SunRun is doing. Most other solar companies have been focusing on large solar fields which have been more profitable for a long time; soon this may not be the case.

Real Estate

The unlikely beneficiary of a Bernie Sanders victory will be the Real Estate market. While the banks may not be a big fan of Bernie, the fact of the matter is that a $15 minimum wage would give the millennial generation a large pay increase and launch the working poor in to relative affluence. All of those empty homes in america, forget em. People will have the money to afford decent mortgages at a rate close to the return of soldiers from WWII (which caused the baby boom and subsequent economic boom).

Banks will feel the Bern from both ends, being hit with much more policy and tough policing, while simultaneously having a stronger base of customers to take out nice loans. One loss they will also feel is a deterioration of income from overdraft fees more money means less over drafting. All of this considered either specific real estate lenders, or real estate owners should be the target for purchasing stock, try to avoid firms that engage in other consumer banking as they will see dampened gains.

Legal Pot?

The deregulation of Marijuana is a strong possibility meaning a whole new wave of companies may popup all at once and figuring out which individual one to buy into may be a challenge, make the right choice and you may end up with a pretty penny. That being said, there are plenty of other companies who are already sitting on the infrastructure ready to get pot into every CVS in the US and they are pharma companies. They might not see as large of a gain however because Martin Shkreli has put crosshairs on the entire drug industry. While it may not be all written out yet, if you are looking to buy any pharma stock I would make sure to find ones that fit into strict moral bounds, good luck.


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