Stocks to Watch Right Now.

NRZ – New Residential Investments.

They provide a very high dividend and it seems as though that this week has represented a bottoming out of their stock price. Today they were up 4.34% from a low of 10.43 only two days ago they are at 13/share today. It is still a bit uncertain if the fed hike is going to really impact the housing industry this year but so far it seems stock are managing just fine regardless. This stock is one of the next on my list to buy, as it looks like a good long term investment to give a solid return through dividends.

CYS – CYS Investments.

This year they have managed to stay in between 7.00-8.30/share, a relatively narrow range with a solid dividend. I say that it is a great investment, although it may be a bit risky given the potentially unstable market especially for mortgages. They also are not the longest standing company having been around since 2006 (it is good to note that they survived the crash in 2008). I am planning on buying a few, but maybe I lean on the riskier side of investing.

HEB – Hemispherx Biopharmocuticals.

Despite a decrease in losses last quarter their stock value has been steady on the decline untill this week. This may represent a bottoming out of their stock value, which may tick upwards pending positive results at the end of this quarter. If they can manage to get up to their stock value from earlier this year it could mean a 300% gain for any potential investor. In my view it is well worth the risk, or at least just a few dollars.

CIG – Companhia Energetica de Minas Gerais

They have been slightly down this past week, however given their large dividends and the positive outlook of the renewables market it seems to be a great candidate for growth potential. This may be the right time to buy or maybe in a few days if they continue their slight downward trend. All in all, a buy in my book.


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