My big mistake.

Earlier this week I was watching a stock (SunRun) and I was anticipating a strong rise which, all in all, did happen. However on one day I noticed that the stock rose very rapidly from 11/share to over 12/share at market open. This rise concerned me and so I waited about 20 minutes for the stock to slowly crawl down. I bought a share at 11.72. Over that next hour I watched the stock tumble down to 11.02/share. By the end of the day it was back up to 11.81 but that did little to keep me from shaming myself for having such poor judgement.

This is something that I saw coming, I even thought to myself to wait and be patient, however I could not help myself. very often a stock will open either incredibly high, or incredibly low and then move back towards the price of the day before. In my experience, if a stock is up trending very well, about 1-2 hours after market open is the best time to buy and if the stock opens incredibly low and you manage to be one of the first buyers, you can make some decent money as long as you sell before lunch. That being said, this is all very general and hard to gauge sometimes.


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